Advisory Groups at Broken Promises

Broken Promises maintains a number of advisory groups to support, evaluate and provide research and input on how best to implement its mission.

These provide an open dialogue between professionals in the industry, government agencies and the private sector.  All members are voluntary and do not receive financial compensation for their work on the committee.

The following lists those that currently exist in support of our work:

Single-Parenting and Child Development

Single Parenting & Child Development Advisory GroupBroken Promises Single-Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group provides for the development of our single-parent support center content on single-parenting and child development and to educate other professionals on how to deal with family issues that result from divorce and single-parent family structures.

Child Support Advisory Group

ChildSupportScreenGrabBroken Promises’ Child Support Advisory Group provides for the development of our single-parent support center content on child support and advocates public policies to improve the rules, regulations, enforcement and fairness of child support laws across the United States.

Advocacy and Governmental Affairs Advisory Group

AdvocacyGroupsInterviewScreenGrabBroken Promises’ Advocacy and Governmental Advisory Group provides for the development of our single-parent support center content on government policies and legislation. It also advocates for public policies to improve the life of single parents and their children and effect positive change.

The Advisory Group is composed of a governing committee and volunteers from a diverse universe of politicians, activists, experts from various fields and legal advisors.

Volunteer and Chapter Support Center

Volunteer and Local Chapter Support CenterBroken Promises support for single-parent families is dependent upon good hearted people across the United States. Volunteers that care and want to make a difference … will save thousands of families and their children every year.  In addition, we are building Local Chapters throughout the country. If you are interested in building one in your area, this site is for you!


Future Advisory Groups will include the following:

  • Health Care Advisory Group
  • Local Chapter Advisory Group
  • Single Parent Family Benefit Advisory Group
  • Donor Advisory Group