Our “Single Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group” has been Established

Broken Promises forms a new Single Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group to provide professional advice and guidance on how to better deal with single parent family issues for those affected by hardships of separation, divorce, and single parenthood.

The Broken Promises Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit based in Westport, CT, announced the launch of their Single Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group.

Help for single parent families is on the way!

The Advisory Group provides the leadership and expertise to develop and administer Broken Promises’ support efforts and online resource center for single-parent families and their children,  and to educate and share knowledge with other professionals on how to better deal with family issues for those affected by hardships of separation, divorce, and single parenthood.

Dr. Ingi Soliman, Chairman of the group’s Governing Committee, said that “the creation of the group is very exciting in that it will produce much good for those that might not be able to afford it.  It gives professionals in the industry the chance to offer nuggets of wisdom and self help guidance for struggling single parent families and their children throughout the country.”

Broken Promises represents the struggles of single parent families who are working hard but not able to have a chance at the American Dream due to financial stress and the need for further education“, says Richard Spangenberg, Executive Director of the Foundation.  “Our mission is to help struggling single-parent families and their children by providing financial support and educational opportunities, to raise national awareness of the challenges they face and to effect positive change.

He further explained that the information and guidance services provided by the advisory group will help all single-parent families by consolidating information in one easy to use resource center. In addition, the nonprofit will provide additional support for those struggling just above the poverty line so they can maintain their independence without government assistance.  They are sometimes referred to as the working poor.  For these hard working families, Broken Promises plans on offering educational scholarships to their children, gift card financial support to cover a family’s basic needs, and pre-school and day care assistance.  Just what kids need in order to be successful at school.

The Advisory Group is currently comprised of over eight leading individuals in the fields of psychology, social work, and community mental health and educators in the CT, NY, NJ, MA area but will be expanding across the country. Broken Promises is planning to add many more professional members as it does so. It includes university professors, researchers, private practice psychologists, social workers, and school counselors.

The group will provide a greater understanding and awareness of the impact of single parenting on families and develop approaches to help improve their lives.

About Dr. Ingi Soliman

The Single Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group is headed by Dr. Ingi Soliman, Chairman of the group’s Governing Committee.

Dr. Soliman received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The New School for Social Research, and trained at Beth Israel Medical Center, North Central Bronx Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains, NY. She is currently practicing in Westport, CT and White Plains, NY.  In her practice she works with Adults, Children and Adolescents suffering from mood disorders, family stress, anxiety disorders and eating disorders, as well as young adults coping with issues of transition into adulthood.  She completed a fellowship in child/adolescent psychotherapy and is well connected with the major Universities throughout theConnecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts area including New York City.

Members of the Board of Trustees of Broken Promises are excited by this new endeavor in fulfilling the foundation’s mission. Bernard Deverin, a board member, said “It will provide needed insight into the impact of single parenting and provide an anchor of stability for these families.  This group’s activities will raise national awareness of our efforts and encourage greater participation at all levels.

The new group’s projects and priorities will be member-directed“, says the Executive Director of the Foundation, Richard Spangenberg. “It will be interesting to see what projects the group chooses to undertake. The great thing about community-based advocacy groups like this is that the projects are determined by the folks doing the work. Of course, the projects will support our mission.” The Single Parent and Child Development Advisory Group is already looking into areas concerning early childhood experiences and their impact on later development, how isolation affects the single parent, public education and outreach.

Click photos in article above for download of high resolution jpg version at 300 dpi.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to arrange an interview, please contact:

Dr. Ingi Soliman
Single Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group
Chairman of the Governing Committee

Richard Spangenberg
Broken Promises Foundation LLC
Executive Director

Cindy Clarke
Broken Promises
Public Relations

Or, learn more at our websites:

Broken-Promises.org (Primary Website)
Parenting.broken-promises.org (Advisory Group Website)
Members.broken-promises.org (Single Parent Family Website)

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If you are a professional, you can join our advisory group at Parenting.Broken-Promises.org/become-a-member/

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