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Cablevision recently featured Broken Promises on Channel 12’s Our Lives talk show with Gwen Edwards. The show discussed the learning gap in public schools due to budget cuts and the funding gaps that result.  The foundation’s mission to support struggling single parent families and their children partly by providing financial support for childcare and pre K.

GwenEdwardsGwen Edwards: “Ask any education expert and they will tell you that the learning gap that we see in many public schools is directly related to the funding gap. One local group in Westport, CT is working to bridge that gap.”

RichardSpangenbergRichard Spangenberg is the Executive Director and Founder of the Broken Promises Foundation and Eileen Ward is the Chair of the Advisory Group on Childcare and Early Education for the Foundation. Watch the video above to learn more.  They are providing childcare (daycare) and pre-school education assistance for struggling single parent families throughout Fairfield County.  And, plan to expand to neighboring states within the year.

EileenWardStruggling single parent families and their children were discussed along with early educational needs of their children.This includes daycare and pre-school education assistance which can be difficult to afford as a single parent.

Help is on its way! for single parent families is  direct result of your contributions.  We need your help in the form of volunteers and donations to help as many children as possible. The government cutbacks in this area will have dire effects on families that rely on childcare assistance in order to be employed.  Pre-school is more important than ever in that it has been proven scientifically that brain development and thinking structure is established during these pre school years.  Without pre-school children enter public schools at a disadvantage that follows them through adulthood.

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