Our “Help is on its way” campaign has started Saving Families and their Children with Childcare and pre-K Education.

Broken promises is saving at risk children and hard working single parent families who have no one to turn to and who desperately need your help.

Your donations are already making a difference.  It just proves that you can save the future of a child, and that of their children’s families for generations to come.  We have targeted a minimum of 19 more for this year.  You can help make that happen by making a donation.

Let me tell you about one family we are helping:

Tlisacoulthirsthis local family is headed by a hard working mother whose little girl is only 4-years old. She wants her daughter to have a supportive and learning oriented daycare while she is at work.  She wants her to get the benefits of childcare and early education in order to be successful in school.  She is doing everything right.  She is doing all that she can.  She needs a little help.

maliacoulthirstShe is not asking for much.  Just a helping hand to keep her and her daughter afloat for six-months.  They have made great strides so far.  We must give them the chance to keep going.  Her assistance program from Broken Promises starts as of September and requires a payment from us to the school every month.

Her Mom’s response to hearing of our assistance may help you understand: “I’m forever grateful; you literally saved us and gave me hope. Thank you. Thank you.

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