Aside from the direct influence of household structure on academic achievement and learning, a single-family home environment may influence a child’s behavioral performance in school, which can indirectly affect learning and interest in school. When single parents are working full time and they have less available time for their children, the situation may lead to either behavioral issues or lower academic achievement.

Where poor kids stay poor

Studies show neighborhood has effect on future income 4:47 AM EDT May 05, 2015 By Tami Luhby | CNN NewSource The report, conducted by two Harvard economics professors, looked at how much children from low-income families earn when they turn 26. It found a wide variation among the nation’s largest counties. Nationally, average household income at […]

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Education Gap Grows for Adolescents from Single-Parent Families

The percentage of children living in single-parent families in the United States has increased markedly over the past 50 years. New research shows that by the age of 24, individuals who lived in single-parent families as adolescents have received fewer years of schooling and are less likely to attain a bachelor’s degree than those from two-parent families.

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