The American Family

A whirlwind of economic and social changes that took place during the last decade is delaying marriage longer, permanent singlehood has increased, and the “marriage-go-round” of divorce and remarriage continues to rise. The decline of the American Family has a profound impact on the economics of the nation.


Families: It’s Complicated

Families do not fall neatly into the binary categories of single parents and married couples. For one thing, there are growing numbers of cohabiting parents. More importantly, structure is only one factor influencing children’s economic opportunities. Other family characteristics matter too, as argued in a new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP).

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The Poverty Rate for Families in Which a Husband and a Wife Work is 5 percent, But in Families Headed by One Person … “It’s 30 Percent Today.”

Rick Santorum says two-parent families better off financially He wants to fight poverty at the altar. In a Republican presidential primary debate on Oct. 11, 2011, the former Pennsylvania senator and ardent social conservative said one answer to reducing the economic disparity in the U.S. is to support two-parent families. “The biggest problem with poverty […]

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