Executive Director’s Message

Thank you for your interest in and support of Broken Promises.

I became aware of the heartbreak experienced by single-parent families and the financial crisis caused by non-payment of child support while developing a short documentary film. It tore at my heart and I decided the problem deserved some form of an organization that could focus public attention on the issue and accomplish something… making a difference in these individuals’ lives.

I realized that by offering financial support, scholarships and a resource center, Broken Promises could be a significant force for good. We could help support these families, keep many families from falling into poverty and help to save their children’s future. Simply put… it was time that something was done about it.

By providing financial support, scholarships, guidance, and a resource center, Broken Promises, once an idea for a film, could be a significant force for good as a nonprofit organization. It could keep these families together and help to save their children’s future through education.

I decided to use my professional business expertise from working in management at major corporations to organize and create the organization. Currently we are doing just that by building a strong Board of Trustees and securing a solid financial foundation. A cable talk show and additional documentaries will be used to raise awareness throughout the country.

With the help of concerned donors and a few employees we are working with many volunteers throughout the country. Together our organization is building and the commitment we are receiving from every individual is amazing. Everyone has been affected or knows someone who has been affected by this situation and all feel that something must be done. We have received outpourings of positive support from everyone who has heard about what we are doing.

The Board of Directors, the families we help, and myself thank all of our supporters and volunteers for the financial and moral support you have given and will give to our efforts. You can also help make a difference.

Please help America’s struggling single-parent families, help save their children and save America. Donate, volunteer, and help get the word out. Tell your friends, talk about us at organization meetings you may belong to. Link to us on Facebook or LinkedIn and write about us every time you use social media. Follow us on twitter #brokenpromises. Sponsor an event in your local neighborhood.

Contact us and we will show you how. Become part of the solution.

Please get involved. contribute, volunteer, and help organize local chapters. You and I can be part of this important cause and will personally see what a team of dedicated donors and concerned volunteers can do. If you would like to be involved, please contact us directly, I look forward to any ideas or assistance you may be able to provide.

Richard Spangenberg
Founder & Executive Director
Broken-Promises Foundation Inc.
Contact: rls@broken-promises.org

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