Financial Aid: Pre-Paid Store Card Application

Broken Promises transitional financial support comes in the form of gift cards good at major chain stores, clothing stores, grocery stores and healthcare/drug stores. These cards provide the essentials required to support the children of struggling single parents. They will not cover all costs for family care and are intended for short-term coverage to help a single-parent family during transitional periods.

The major criterion to selection is that the child be living at home in a single-parent family, and financial need. Other factors affecting the welfare of the child and family may be considered.

This benefit is limited to struggling single-parent families who are not receiving federal assistance and have annual incomes $50,000 to $60,000 per year or less. A qualified applicant should not be receiving government assistance TANF (Welfare) or Food Snaps (SNAP).

The program is currently limited to the Fairfield County area.

Application for Financial Aid: Pre-Paid Store Cards

Eligible applicants should not be receiving TANF or SNAP assistance. If you are receiving any of these programs, please check them below. Pell Grants and State Housing Vouchers do not disqualify you from our program.

Employment Information:

(If self-employed, list the name of your company; if recently unemployed... please let us know)
Enter "Current" if already employed.
Employment/self-employment including overtime, commissions, training programs, tips
You may upload a word, pdf, or text file that describes your situation, your childrens needs and why you need child care.
I hereby certify that all the information contained in this application is true and correct. In addition, I have attached a copy of my most recent income tax form. Scholarship requests will not be considered without appropriate documentation. Financial documentation will be used solely to determine eligibility. I also understand that any misrepresentation of the information contained in this document does constitute fraud and will, therefore, deem this application null and void. Simply sign your name using the mouse below.