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  • Cablelvision: Channel 12 - Our Lives

    On 7/23, Cablevision featured Broken Promises on a talk show with Gwen Edwards. It discussed the learning gap in public schools due to budget cuts and the funding gaps that result.

  • Norwalk Hamlethub

    Several prominent Westport citizens are behind the Broken Promises movement to help struggling single-parent families.

  • Norwalk HamletHub

    This is a very important campaign launch for the "Help is on its Way" program at Broken Promises. There are over 7,500 families in the Fairfield County area that are in need of our help, many of whom will benefit by the assistance of our program. Struggling single parents that do not receive Government assistance must be helped in order to succeed and to prosper.

  • Westport HamletHub

    Broken Promises maintains a number of advisory groups to support, evaluate and provide research and input on how best to implement its mission as well as content for their single-parent family support center. Their advisory groups provide an open dialogue between professionals in the family health, parenting, education, legal and social support industries with government agencies and the private sector.

  • CosCob HamletHub

    Richard Spangenberg, spoke to their mission and the struggles of single parent families that are working hard but not able to have a chance at the American dream, and introduced Dr. Ingi Soliman, the Chairman of Broken Promises’ Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group. She illustrated the importance for a support village that all single parents need.