Moms Required To Pay For Child Support

November 12, 2019

There is a perception that family courts are biased towards mothers and that dads inevitably end up paying child support. But it can – and does –happen to mothers, too. We talk to women who have to pay for child support to exes who earn more money.

The Huffington Post
Originally aired on February 4, 2014
Hosted by Nancy Redd


  • Wendy Archer @wendyjoarcher (Southlake, TX)
    Parental Alienation Awareness & Education Advocate
  • Sandra Rooney @ZeroInsanitySR (Houston, TX)
    Business Consultant
  • Elizabeth Cobun (Vero Beach, FL)
    Pays Child Support Despite Husband’s Unpaid Alimony
  • Marice Dorsey (Branford, CT)
    Unemployed Mother Who Pays Child Support