Online Support Center, Interactive Community and Parental Training

Our online support center and interactive community is for single parent families affected by single parenting, divorce, and parental custody and support issues.

The support center will provide self help information and contact resources for various support agencies such as federal services, state services, legal services, private agencies, family counseling, men’s and women’s rights and community forum groups. Its content and advice is provide by leading professionals throughout the country who have offered their support and knowledge to help our single parent families with the advice only they can provide on a professional level.

It allows parents to become involved with Broken Promises and to apply for financial and educational services that we offer.

It will feature the essential information for all the beneficiaries and audiences we serve, including custodial parents, non-custodial parents, employers, child support professionals, staff, and supporting organizations and agencies.

Broken Promises online Customer Service Center provides customer service solutions via various directories and links to outside state and service directories as well as original information developed by our professional advisory groups.

Member Resource and Support Center

Member Resource and Support Center

The Single-Parent Resource and Support Center is a members only area for those that register. Registration is free and provides access to a great deal of information and additional resource information for every state in the United States.

Registration is limited to single-parents who would like a centralized source for their support needs, have one repository for most of the information they may need on state and federal benefits, child development, parenting, child support, current legislation being contemplated, forum groups, scholarships for both parents and children, financial aid and more.

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If you are a single-parent you can easily and instantly register on our Join Us/Registration Page.  There is no cost associated with our membership.  Members are automatically enrolled in our eNewsletters which provide an easy to read update with links to additional information and to our Online Resource and Support Center which provides directories and information to point you in the right direction for all of your parenting, educational, and financial needs.  You don’t have to be struggling just in need of information.


Online Support Center, Interactive Community and Parental Training